About Kefalonia.co.uk

Created in 1999 by Andrea Lewis, Kefalonia.co.uk was one of the first websites about the largest Ionion island. Kefalonia.co.uk was slowly built into an informative guide filled with useful advice and reviews. As time progressed Kefalonia.co.uk became a forefront information source about holidays in Kefalonia, things to do on the island and more.

In 2009 internet entrepreneur Khalid Al-Khames contacted Andrea regarding Kefalonia.co.uk with a vision of upgrading the aging guide and creating a newer version of the site. Since Khalid shared the same passion for Kefalonia as Andrea, the site was taken over and life was injected back into the site.

Today Kefalonia.co.uk provides up-to-date and accurate information on Kefalonia to thousands of visitors per month, retaining its status of being the guide to Kefalonia.

Enjoy surfing the site.