Cheaper holidays in Greece and Kefalonia

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Comments Off on Cheaper holidays in Greece and Kefalonia are pleased to announce their new range of Greek Island holidays. As well as offering fantastic deals to the island of Kefalonia we now bring you cheap holidays to many other islands as well. Our holiday search scans over 40 top travel agents offers and brings you the best deals available.

Since the banking crisis has affected Greece the holiday prices have taken a tumble, prices are currently down by 11% however some commentators believe this tumble may hit 20% before the summer is out.

When Iceland suffered a similar crisis in its banking system the government attempted to prop up the industry by lowering tourist prices something many feel the Greek government will do to bolster their economy. Furthermore the pound has made gains against the euro recently of up to 10% giving you more value for money when travelling and with Taverne owners already lowering prices to encourage tourists away from self catering holidays a trip to Greece will probably never be cheaper.

Some minor celebrities are taking full advantage of the lower prices. Former Big Brother and reality star Chanttel Hayes was pictured enjoying a Greek holiday on the islands. The mother to be, a 22-year-old reality TV star who found fame in the Big Brother house obviously felt that now was the time to take a trip to Greece.

Of course for many a quieter beach will be a bonus as you will be able to enjoy the best spots without any reason to struggle for space and not everyone enjoys the bustle that a crowded summer in Greece can bring.

Islands such as Kefalonia seem to be less affected by the downturn but are still quieter holiday destinations than they were last year. The Greek government shows us that tourists worries are unfounded and that is a holiday to Greece, Corfu or one of the other Greek islands are perfectly safe on a financial level and with them being better value than ever now is a great time to book your Greek or Kefalonia holidays in the sun.

For more information on the latest Greek island deals visit the website today and find your perfect holiday destination.

Kefalonia holidays now has an improved holiday search facility

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Here at Kefalonia holidays we are incredibly proud to be able to announce the addition of holidays to our fantastic holiday price search. are one of the UK’s top travel agents and they have some great deals to the stunning island of Kefalonia available through our comprehensive holiday search box.

For new visitors who have not used our free holiday search before you may be interested to discover that the holiday search finds the best deals from the major UK tour operators in just one quick search, all displayed in price order for your convenience.

Furthermore our search not only covers Kefalonia and the other Ionian islands but it also covers the whole of Europe allowing you to find your ideal holiday quickly all on one site.

We currently price check holidays from the following holiday providers: Alpharooms, Bookable Holidays, Cosmos Holidays, Direct Holidays, Manos, Monarch Holidays, Olympic Holidays, On The Beach Thomas Cook, Travelwasp, HolidayCitySuperstore and as well as displaying the latest Kefalonia holiday late deals from Thomson.

Hundreds of people use our holiday price check every day to find their perfect holiday and the addition of can only improve our free service.

Russ Beech – director at remarked ” We believe that offer great value for money on holidays in Kefalonia and the other Ionian island holidays that we also cover. Anything that gives our visitors better value for money is a step forward and we look forward to offering their holidays as part of our service.”

To search for your holiday in Kefalonia, simply use the yellow holiday search box on the homepage and see what bargains you can discover at today.

Ionian island holidays late deals and bargains in Kefalonia Greece

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With quiet villages and busy town’s Kefalonia is the perfect location to experience a getaway, whether you reserve a private villa or reside in a resort you’ll have a great vacation on this great island. One particular idea, when you discover a rental property with an infinity pool overlooking the coast that is one thing we truly advocate as it will make your Kefalonia holidays vacation that little bit more memorable.

Kefalonia offers some incredible things for a holiday maker to enjoy, the stunning seashores and landscapes around the island make it one of the most beautiful places to holiday. What’s more the price tag on dining out and drinking here is now refreshingly reasonable allowing Kefalonia to be one of the cheaper places to visit among the Greek island destinations.

In the event you are searching for the vacation of a lifetime a last-minute booking to Kefalonia could be just what you need. The recession has affected the travel market especially in Greece there are a few real last minute bargains and offers to be had if you are able to leave in the next six weeks.

Kefalonia getaways are ideal for any sun fan as Kefalonia has some of the best weather in Greece through the summer months. They have many types of resort on offer, some quiet and some buzzing giving something for everyone, whether you want to unwind or enjoy a much more active holiday. Numerous folks go to the tropical isle for a honeymoon as it actually is really a amorous location for individuals in love and many hotels cater for hoonymoon couples with suites available for newly weds.

Kefalonia has panoramas which will blow you away, awesome cliff faces, pine woodlands, foothills and also beaches all offer you a fantastic variety as well as the clear azure turquoise sea which is a wonder to behold. With such a fantastic coastline a holiday inside the Ionian area cannot be beaten with Kefalonia being our island holiday destination of choice.

Quality cruise line selects Kefalonia capital as a port of call

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It has been confirmed that Crystal Cruises will be running cruises through the Mediterranean this year with a stop off planned in the Greek island of Kefalonia adding to the Kefalonia holidays popularity boost.

It is planned that the ship the Crystal Serenity will run the Mediterranean cruise route with stops scheduled in the stunning capital of Kefalonia named Argostoli. The ship will then continue to other ports on the cruise route including Fethiye, Turkey; Komodo Island, Indonesia; Koper, Slovenia; and Marigot Bay, St Martin.

Russ Beech speaking for said “we are very proud to have such a quality cruise line visiting our shores this year, Kefalonia and the Greek tourist market has been hit by the credit crunch however this is a great sign that things are beginning to bounce back.”

The island of Kefalonia has recently seen a surge in popularity with prices of holidays having fallen as tour operators look to sell more holidays to cash strapped tourists. Kefalonia being the largest of the Ionian islands has seen the largest tourist growth in 2010.

For more information on the great deals currently available on Kefalonia holidays visit the website.

Melissani Underground Cave Make Your Kefalonia Holidays Special

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The Lake Melissani is one of Kefalonia’s most wonderful and popular tourist attractions for those taking Kefalonia holidays. The cave itself was formed millions of years ago when the roof of the cave system collapsed into the lake below it exposing the clear blue water to the glorious sunshine above. When the sun’s rays hit the water the resulting flash of turquoise blue sunlight flowing through the water is something that has to be seen to be believed.

The cavern itself used to be to split into two separate caves which over time have joined together to form a giant B shape with two immense underground lakes joining together with an island in the middle. The first cave is oval with a opening in its roof where the sunshine flows in. When the rays strike the water they cascade through producing the blue lights on which your boat appears to hover.

The surrounding walls and ceilings of the lakes are covered with stalactites and stalagmites and your journey from the sea through the underground caverns is spectacular. Each tour is done by boat, normally a small rowing boat or gondolier, however some tour guides use a rope to pull their boat through the chambers.

The caves themselves were first explored in 1951 by Ioannis Petrocheilos however the entrance tunnel was not built until 1963 at which point the cave was opened to the public and became a tourist attraction on the island of Kefalonia.

When you visit for holidays in Kefalonia it is recommended that you at least take a trip up to the underground lakes as the tour itself is not expensive and they will make your Kefalonia holiday experience that little bit more special especially if the weather is fantastic as it normally is Kefalonia and you can enjoy relaxing journey through the caves.

Small fire hits Kefalonia – Kefalonia holidays are not affected

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It has been reported that today a small forest fire has broken out in the Minies region of Kefalonia which is in the hills near the capital city of Argastoli.

The fire apparently broke out at around 14.20 and was attended by fire crews with around 10 firefighters and three special fire vehicles as they attemted to quell the flames. it is not believed that any tourists are at threat and the fire is now under control.

Most years small fires break out in Greece as the weather is spectacular and the wonderful sunshine heat means that the area is prone to fire risks however it is very rare that the fires spread and holidaymakers are threatened and we do not suspect that this fire is any different as the fire crews seem to have it under control.

Kefalonia holidays are popular all year round however the summer months are when you will find the most vistors flocking to to island. For more information on holidays on the island of Kefalonia and the other Ionian islands vist the website.

Kefalonia is a beautiful destination in the Greek Isles

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The Greek islands offer spectacular beauty making them the ideal solution for those looking for a holiday with an additional outlook one reporter has recently described.

A Niamh Hopkins writing for the described her trip to Greece as giving a delightful setting and relaxing ambience.

Describing her time on holiday she said that she had an “amazing time” enjoying the great food and view that were simply fantastic.

When describing her time in Greece she said: “”I would definitely go back to Greece. Certain islands were the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited and I would highly recommend it.”

Her days were spent enjoying the baking sun, relaxing around the swimming pool and spending pleasant warm evenings during her fourteen week stay.

Such a comment from an established writer is certainly an accolade for Greece and should encourage visitors to its shores.

Recently another writer in America Markos Papadatos commented that Kefalonia was the best and most beautiful of the Ionian islands with famous sunsets and sandy beaches making it a holiday hotspot. bring you the latest information on Kefalonia holidays and fantastic deals to the Greek islands.

Kefalonia Holidays – Kefalonia sees a big increase in holiday bookings

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This week it has been reported that the holiday island of Kefalonia has seen a huge increase in visitors to its shores along with the other popular Greek holiday islands including Zante, Crete and Corfu.

Nadine Hallak a travel expert for the flight comparison website “” reported that flights to the islands had become increasingly popular with Kefalonia showing the largest rise at 42%.

Overall flight searches for the country of Greece were up by 32% as holiday makes looked to take advantage of the strengthened pound and the lower holiday prices in Greece and its islands which have been caused in part by the poor economic situation in Greece.

While the Greek government has assured us that Kefalonia Holidays and holidays to the Greek islands are perfectly safe financially as the country tries to steady its financial situation the prices of holidays have fallen dramatically.

Initially prices dropped as tourists were cautious to make bookings while their was uncertainty in Greece’s financial state however as things have calmed the Greeks have deliberately continued to lower holiday prices to encourage the tourist industry to become stronger, taking advantage of the situation to boost revenue and to help prop up the balance sheets.

We are not sure how long the prices will remain this low however it would seem that now is the perfect time to take a holiday in one of the Greek islands with Kefalonia holidays being the most popular destination of choice. has a huge selection of holidays from the UK’s top tour operators flying to the Greek islands and Kefalonia.