Cheaper holidays in Greece and Kefalonia

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Filed under Uncategorized are pleased to announce their new range of Greek Island holidays. As well as offering fantastic deals to the island of Kefalonia we now bring you cheap holidays to many other islands as well. Our holiday search scans over 40 top travel agents offers and brings you the best deals available.

Since the banking crisis has affected Greece the holiday prices have taken a tumble, prices are currently down by 11% however some commentators believe this tumble may hit 20% before the summer is out.

When Iceland suffered a similar crisis in its banking system the government attempted to prop up the industry by lowering tourist prices something many feel the Greek government will do to bolster their economy. Furthermore the pound has made gains against the euro recently of up to 10% giving you more value for money when travelling and with Taverne owners already lowering prices to encourage tourists away from self catering holidays a trip to Greece will probably never be cheaper.

Some minor celebrities are taking full advantage of the lower prices. Former Big Brother and reality star Chanttel Hayes was pictured enjoying a Greek holiday on the islands. The mother to be, a 22-year-old reality TV star who found fame in the Big Brother house obviously felt that now was the time to take a trip to Greece.

Of course for many a quieter beach will be a bonus as you will be able to enjoy the best spots without any reason to struggle for space and not everyone enjoys the bustle that a crowded summer in Greece can bring.

Islands such as Kefalonia seem to be less affected by the downturn but are still quieter holiday destinations than they were last year. The Greek government shows us that tourists worries are unfounded and that is a holiday to Greece, Corfu or one of the other Greek islands are perfectly safe on a financial level and with them being better value than ever now is a great time to book your Greek or Kefalonia holidays in the sun.

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