Kefalonia Holidays – Kefalonia sees a big increase in holiday bookings

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This week it has been reported that the holiday island of Kefalonia has seen a huge increase in visitors to its shores along with the other popular Greek holiday islands including Zante, Crete and Corfu.

Nadine Hallak a travel expert for the flight comparison website “” reported that flights to the islands had become increasingly popular with Kefalonia showing the largest rise at 42%.

Overall flight searches for the country of Greece were up by 32% as holiday makes looked to take advantage of the strengthened pound and the lower holiday prices in Greece and its islands which have been caused in part by the poor economic situation in Greece.

While the Greek government has assured us that Kefalonia Holidays and holidays to the Greek islands are perfectly safe financially as the country tries to steady its financial situation the prices of holidays have fallen dramatically.

Initially prices dropped as tourists were cautious to make bookings while their was uncertainty in Greece’s financial state however as things have calmed the Greeks have deliberately continued to lower holiday prices to encourage the tourist industry to become stronger, taking advantage of the situation to boost revenue and to help prop up the balance sheets.

We are not sure how long the prices will remain this low however it would seem that now is the perfect time to take a holiday in one of the Greek islands with Kefalonia holidays being the most popular destination of choice. has a huge selection of holidays from the UK’s top tour operators flying to the Greek islands and Kefalonia.


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