Melissani Underground Cave Make Your Kefalonia Holidays Special

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The Lake Melissani is one of Kefalonia’s most wonderful and popular tourist attractions for those taking Kefalonia holidays. The cave itself was formed millions of years ago when the roof of the cave system collapsed into the lake below it exposing the clear blue water to the glorious sunshine above. When the sun’s rays hit the water the resulting flash of turquoise blue sunlight flowing through the water is something that has to be seen to be believed.

The cavern itself used to be to split into two separate caves which over time have joined together to form a giant B shape with two immense underground lakes joining together with an island in the middle. The first cave is oval with a opening in its roof where the sunshine flows in. When the rays strike the water they cascade through producing the blue lights on which your boat appears to hover.

The surrounding walls and ceilings of the lakes are covered with stalactites and stalagmites and your journey from the sea through the underground caverns is spectacular. Each tour is done by boat, normally a small rowing boat or gondolier, however some tour guides use a rope to pull their boat through the chambers.

The caves themselves were first explored in 1951 by Ioannis Petrocheilos however the entrance tunnel was not built until 1963 at which point the cave was opened to the public and became a tourist attraction on the island of Kefalonia.

When you visit for holidays in Kefalonia it is recommended that you at least take a trip up to the underground lakes as the tour itself is not expensive and they will make your Kefalonia holiday experience that little bit more special especially if the weather is fantastic as it normally is Kefalonia and you can enjoy relaxing journey through the caves.


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