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Hiring Sunbeds and Umbrellas in Kefalonia

If you’re visiting any of the smaller more secluded beaches in Kefalonia then the chances are you’ll have the beach to yourself and will have to bring your own deckchairs or beach mats for that extra bit of comfort. However most of the medium to large beaches and almost all of the popular resort beaches will have sunbeds and umbrellas available to hire. In peak season in the resorts you will need to get down to the beach early to guarantee getting a sunbed, as it does of course get very busy. However the rest of the year you will find there are plenty available and you might even get a better deal on price.

When it comes to price, sunbeds and umbrellas in Kefalonia normally come in pairs and the price normally varies somewhere between five and seven Euros in the peak season. Gradakia beach in Lassi for example charges 7 Euros for the pair, Kamina beach charges 6 Euros and Lourdas is the same. As most regulars will tell you, if no one is around you can start using the sunbeds and umbrella and then pay them when (and if) they turn up. Often people don’t turn up and you will end up not having to pay anything.

One other thing to bear in mind is that last year only sixteen out of the thirty seven beach concessions on the island for hiring sunbeds and umbrellas had been renewed which left a number of beaches prone to illegal sunbed hirers. Be wary of handing your cash over to just anyone – make sure they are the official sunbed concession and that they are not trying to charge you more than 7 Euros.