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Kefalonia Tours

Kefalonia offers some of the most impressive and beautiful scenery of any of the Ionian Islands, and there are so many beautiful beaches and dramatic vistas that it would be impossible to see them all in one day. However, if you are staying on the islands for a week or two and want to spend most of your time sleeping on the beach or by the pool then it is worth taking a tour for a day to get a glimpse of some of the island’s best attractions. Tours will be able to take you around everything from Mount Ainos to Lake Melissani to the Drogorati Caves and from the Archeological Museum and the Folklore Museum in Argostoli to the Venetian lighthouse and Norman Castle in Fiscardo to the Venetian fortress in Assos.

There are a number of different tour itineraries you can take, with a number of different companies. Here are a few of them:

Kefalonia in a Day – Starting in Skala Square you head out in a coach to the Caves of Drogorati and their fabulous stalactites. From there you move onto the tranquil and eerily beautiful underground lake and the Melissani Cave where you will go out in a small boat and watch the ever changing water colours and more incredible stalactites. After that you’ll go on the Fiskardo fishing village for a drink and bite to eat before heading to Agia Efimia port.

Castle and Monastery Tour – Spend a day wandering around ruins, old stone castles and monasteries. Starting out in Argostoli your coach will take you to St Georgios Castle, a beautiful Venetian castle with bastions and asymmetrical walls that look out over the sea. From there you’ll move over to the impressive Saint Andreas Monastery containing relics such as the foot of Saint Andrew as well as some gorgeous frescoes from the seventeenth century. You’ll get a glimpse of the history of the island there too. After that it’s lunch in Sami and a look at some of the places that featured in Captain Corelli before driving, in the afternoon, to the famous Monastery of Saint Gerassimos, the island’s patron saint, and the cave he lived in for many years.

Yacht Tour – In Argostoli and in Fiscardo it is possible to arrange yacht tours of the island(s) for anything up to seven days. You can charter the yachts either with or without a skipper. Make sure the yacht is maintained to the standard set by RYA and Marine Leisure Association. This is a stunningly beautiful way to see the island, though obviously expensive too.

Sea Kayak Tour – A cheaper way of getting around the island by boat is to go on one of the sea kayak tours. You can go out for a morning, a whole day or a few days and it is well worth doing, if only to get a different perspective of the island. Paddling around in the gentle and clear turquoise waters that surround the island you can follow a guide through the caves and coves, natural fountains and awesome cliffs that are dotted all the way around. The very best way to see the island. Just make sure your kayak instructor has been certified by an organization such as the British Canoe Union.