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Shopping in Kefalonia

Despite the size of the island, Kefalonia only really has one or two commercial areas to do a great deal of shopping. There are however a number of charming little local shops and craft shops in the village and all are worth a bit of your time, both for the friendliness of the owners and because you may well find something in them that you have never come across before. Local goods are on sale almost everywhere and the real highlights to look out for are local craft jewelry in gold a and silver, olive oil, specialist thyme honey and three or four of the local wines. Wines to look out for include Mavrodafni (red wines) and Robola Taoussi (white wines) and the labels to look for include Sclavos, Soroke, Vitoratos, Metaxas, Gentiliini and Divino.

Most of the shops you will find on the island are open 7 days a week although the smaller ones tend to close on Sundays. Shopping hours in Kefalonia tend to be between 9am and 10pm although some of them will close for a siesta in the afternoon, normally between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. Shopkeepers are nearly all fluent in English and are all friendly and very helpful.

The best place for shopping on Kefalonia is the capital, Argostoli. From Valianou Square down and along Lithostrotou Street is the main shopping district for the whole island. Lithostroto street is a busy and long high street that seems to have a shop for just about everything you can imagine, from artisan tradesmen to bakers, gift shops, local fruit and veg grocers, book shops (English speaking), clothes shops, boutiques hairdressers, banks and even tour guides and travel agents.

The resort of Lassi is the next biggest shopping area, though the shops are much more geared towards tourists than in Argostoli. In Lassi you’ll find a lot more travel related goods, gift shops, craft shops and supermarkets, all geared towards the summer season. However there are also a number of popular mini markets and craft markets where locals shop and where they sell their own home-made goods.

The same kind of shops can be found in Skala and other resorts too.