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When is the Best Time to Visit Kefalonia?

If you’re heading out to Kefalonia for some much needed sun then the earliest you should think about going is probably around Easter time. It is possible that even this early in the year you’ll encounter some April showers, but once the sun starts shining this is a beautiful time to go there. Similarly, if at all possible you should try and avoid the island from the end of July through to the end of August as this is peak season. During these few weeks you will encounter holidaymakers from all over Europe descending on the island en masse, there will be little available accommodation and the cost of everything will shoot up. Similarly during this period the weather becomes a little too hot and not quite as relaxing.

Probably the best months to visit Kefalonia are May, June, September and October. Prices are a little lower, the weather is just about perfect and there aren’t as many people on holiday there. From May the sea becomes that much warmer, the rain seems to arrive less often and the island starts to bloom with flowers and bright green trees. Some nights in May are probably still too cool to sit outside for dinner in a t-shirt, but then again the bars and tavernas are starting to fill up by May and there will be lots going on inside that’s worth a look. Some of the beach concessions don’t open up until June but again that works in your favor – you can normally borrow sunbeds and umbrellas for free when no one is there. Similarly the resort watersports don’t normally start up until early June.

The locals will tell you that September is the best month of all to visit the island, with everything open, the weather just about perfect (hot but not too hot with a cool breeze) and the island looking its very best.