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Resort Guide to Lourdas Kefalonia

Another Kefalonia resort for those holidaymakers seeking out a more peaceful and tranquil holiday is the resort of Lourdas. Spend a couple of weeks in Lourdas and you really will forget all of the worries you left behind back in the UK – and you’ll never want to go back. Ideal for those who truly want to get away from it all, with self-catering villas dotted around the small village, Lourdas offers all of the essentials of a quiet Greek break, from the perfect beach to the prefect scenery and surroundings, without any of the irritations – brash resorts, loud partygoers and throngs of people. It has begun to see a little bit of development, although not yet noticeably so, and there are now one or two hotels popping up, although they are very small and tucked away in quiet lanes. The village has been around for hundreds of years, but feels very modern thanks to all the buildings being rebuilt post-earthquake. It is worth checking out where your chosen accommodation will be situated though – many apartments and villas are by the sea, whilst others are in the village itself, which is on a steep hill. For those who want a lazy holiday or who are less able to negotiate hills, it is important to book wisely.

That said however, many visitors to Lourdas, as with Svoronata, will choose to hire a car for the duration of their holiday, as there are plenty of other sights to see around the island and the main towns of Argostoli and Lassi are very close by and easy to reach by car. If you want to get out and about and see a little of the Island’s history, apart from visiting the various museums and sights in Argostoli, you could also head to the Monastery of Sissia. Rumor has it that the monastery was founded in the 13th century by St Francis of Assisi and it was once an incredibly wealthy monastery famed for its intellectual and talented monks, such as the painters Gerasimos Kokkinos and Tsangorola. The current incarnation was rebuilt when the old monastery was destroyed in the earthquake. Follow the road out of town to drive around the beautiful beaches and coves nearby as well as to explore the slopes of the awe-inspiring Mount Einos and the spectacular views to the sea below.

Really though, a holiday in Lourdas is all about finding a little slice of Mediterranean paradise and doing very little for a couple of weeks. The village is simple to negotiate and well designed as it was rebuilt after the earthquake – there are some wonderful small squares and the main square has a spring and a giant plane tree that offers shade to a charming café for the locals. Amble into the square in the morning for a coffee and quiet read of your book or a chat with one of the local characters. If you are feeling energetic, take a stroll into the lush countryside around the village – walk amongst the cypress and olive trees, the elegant palm trees and the endless vegetable gardens set between houses and tavernas. Have a quiet drink in the evening (there are no noisy drinks in Lourdas) and then fall asleep to that most wonderful of nighttime sounds – utter silence.

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