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Weather in Kefalonia

November to March – The weather in Kefalonia in the winter is mild on the whole, (though it is still a lot better than the UK winter) with temperatures dropping down to 9c and with plenty of rain. Indeed the island is as beautiful as it is (and covered from head to toe in lush green flora and fauna) thanks to the endless rain that falls in winter.

March to May – Spring is a beautiful time to visit Kefalonia. In spring temperatures vary between about 15c and 18c and most days are dry. On the whole you’ll see sunshine for about seven or eight hours a day but it wont be too hot. If you are heading to Kefalonia for hiking or biking trips then this is the best time of year to go. There will be April showers, but nowhere near as many as in winter. The evenings are cool (and probably not quite warm enough to sit outside for dinner) though the sea is warm enough to swim in.

June to August – In June and July Kefalonia goes fully Mediterranean and temperatures range between 23C and 26c, often going as high as 32c. The weather is constantly hot and sunny (for 12 hours a day), with little rain. There is also very little breeze so it can get very hot – always wear your sun cream! The evenings are also hot and it is possible to sit outside and eat until very late at night.

September to October – By September the rain is starting to come back though it is still a lovely time of year to visit – mostly sunny but cooler (and consequently less tourists.) It’s sunny for about seven hours a day and the temperature will average out around 22c. By October this will drop to 18c and there will be more rain still.

The current temperature in Kefalonia is:

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Here is a 12 month guide to the weather in Kefalonia

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