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Resort Guide to Katelios Kefalonia

Katelios is a Kefalonia resort that seems to inspire fierce loyalty in everyone who stays there, so much so that people tend to come back year after year to the same place. Perhaps that has something to do with the combination of laid back atmosphere and dramatic scenery (as well as stunning beaches) that gives the resort everything you could possibly ask for when heading to a Greek Island for a holiday. Katelios is located down in the south-eastern part of Kefalonia and sits on an extensive flat plain between the villages of Ratzakli, Markopoulo, Mavrata and Hionata. It has fabulous views out over the glistening blue sea towards Zante, the neighboring island and also across the Greek mainland and is surrounded by beautiful farmland and some impressive rolling rocky hills. For the last hundred years the village was made up of just a few fishing cottages (some of which are still there) but over the last decade it has gradually been turned into a charming little resort and holiday destination, thanks mainly to its beautiful beaches.

Katelios is split between the old village of Anos Ketelios and Kato Katelios, the more modern resort area. This makes for the perfect mix of old and new, with everything you need from a quiet holiday resort on the one hand, plus enough history and beautiful old buildings and remains on the other. Consequently if you want an afternoon or two of culture and history it is possible to get lost in the local area – from the old church bell tower remains to a number of old ruins left over from the earthquake and from Katelios’ ancient role as a trading port during the Venetian period. These include the ruins of an ancient pier and the old mole in the bay. Additionally there is evidence that there was a Roman settlement on Katelios and the remains, sitting just off Aghia beach (the main beach in Katelios) are worth a visit too.

For those looking for a bit of nature and wildlife Katelios also has a lot to offer. It is one of the best spots on the whole island for nature walks, with a number of trails on the outskirts of the village. There are a number of hideaways tucked into the hills as the resort is popular with birdwatchers and best of all it is a great place to see Loggerhead Turtles. Indeed there is a local NGO, called the Katelios Group which is dedicated to protecting the turtles and which offers educational tours of their habitats.

However, if nature and history are not your bag and all you want is sun, sea and the occasional evening in the local taverna then Katelios offers that too. There are a small number of tavernas in the center of the village and enough shops and bars to keep you well stocked for a week or two. The whole atmosphere is very easy going and less commercial than other resorts. The restaurants in the village serve beautiful, simple food, (mostly Mezedes and meat of course) and the bars and restaurants on the waterfront offer the perfect setting for an evening meal.

As with many of the wonderful resorts on this island, if you want to make the most of your stay in Katelios, hire a car to get you around the rest of the villages and towns.

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