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Resort Guide to Svoronata Kefalonia

If you’re looking for an idyllic resort holiday without all the sound and fury and without the usual throng of your fellow tourists from the UK then you might want to consider spending your holidays in the Svoronata resort area. Despite its proximity to the capital city of Argostoli and Kefalonia International Airport Svoronata is one of the most peaceful holiday resorts that you will ever have the pleasure of staying in, more akin to a sleepy town than a full blown resort. Svoronata itself is a traditional low-key Greek village that is compact, flat and easy to get around. But it is also located amidst some of the most gorgeous Mediterranean scenery imaginable, making it the perfect archetypal Greek holiday spot.

Situated in the south-west area of Kefalonia, in the Livathos region, Svoronata is easy to get to thanks to being right next to the airport (don’t worry – flights arrive so infrequently that you will barely notice the airport) and is ideal for older groups, wheelchair users, families or people who want quiet, lazy holidays. There are no hills and no noise, no drunken tourists (or very few anyway) and there is a genuine sense of stillness and contentment in the town, thanks to the elegant beauty of that surrounding scenery. From lush olive groves and orange groves to miles and miles of fruit orchards and fields bursting with flowers in the summer, Svoronata is exceptionally beautiful. Like most of the resorts on Kefalonia it also has a stunning selection of sandy beaches nearby although you need to remember that the village itself is about a mile inland. If you want to walk to the nearby beaches of Ammes Avithos or Ai Helis then it will probably take you about half an hour (depending on how hot it is) but you would be better jumping in a car for a couple of minutes. Indeed staying in Svoronata is probably only advisable if you hire a car for the duration of your holiday. Whilst the village is stunning and offers beautiful accommodation, from small to large hotels, apartments to villas all with their own pools and all spread all over the village, there is very little to do in the way of shopping or sightseeing, nightlife or other activities. A car puts all of that within easy reach in nearby Argostoli or Lassi. What’s more, staying in Svoronata with a hire car opens up the whole of Kefalonia to you, thanks to the central location of the village on the island and the fact that it is easy to access any of the other resorts from there.

Driving out from Svoronata also allows you to see parts of Kefalonia that many visitors don’t get to see, as one sleepy village or hamlet rolls into another, following the olive-lined windy roads and the ruins of old houses hit by the various wars and earthquakes that have tormented the island. You’ll have to get a map however – Kefalonia isn’t big on organized roads or even street names – but that’s half the fun and you’ll find no shortage of locals sitting on benches by the side of the road ready to offer directions (that may or may not get you to your intended destination!)

However, chances are that despite the lure of the road, you’ll spend most of your holiday in Svoronata itself. From the wonderfully charming locals sat on their doorsteps who you will meet every day, to ambling gently in the afternoon sun through the endless village gardens packed with colorful and scented flowers and fruit trees, to days spent peacefully dozing on the quiet beaches, Svoronata will provide you with the perfect antidote to modern life. There are a couple of things to see nearby – the Svoronata church is one of the biggest on the island (and is decorated with some incredible frescoes) and there is a windmill down a nondescript village lane where Lord Byron spent many a day composing his odes. There are a couple of small mini-marts for basic goods and a couple of tavernas for eating out. But in reality you’ll be in Svoronata for the tranquility it offers and if you wanted to, you could spend a week or two here without seeing another soul – and it would be bliss.

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