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The Cost of Eating Out in Kefalonia

As with all holiday destinations the prices you can expect to pay when you eat out will vary massively depending on where you go. Head to the seafront in one of the busier resorts and you can expect to pay significantly more than a small local taverna in one of the quieter fishing villages. (On the beach you can expect to pay up to 6 Euros for a soft drink and about 20 Euros for a main course if you eat on the beach.) But don’t expect the meal to be any better just because it is more expensive. Speak to locals in the area you are staying to get their tips on the best places to eat out on the island. As a rule of thumb however, you can expect to pay roughly the same price in Euros (if they are still using Euros by the time you get there) as you would in pounds for an evening out. Another important rule of thumb is that in Kefalonia (as with many other Greek islands) fish is very expensive so if you are budgeting at all it is probably best to try all of the meat and vegetarian dishes before choosing fish. There are so many to choose from that you could probably have a different main dish every night for a couple of weeks and still not need to order fish.

Another thing to remember is that most restaurants will make you pay a cover charge of one or two Euros. This is for the cost of setting the table and the bread. Many restaurants will also include some oil and vinegar and even a portion of tzatziki.

As a brief guide to prices, you could probably get a Greek salad for 4 to 5 Euros, stifado for about 7 Euros and a large wine for about 2 Euros. A meal for two should be somewhere between twenty and thirty Euros depending on where you eat but there are much cheaper (and of course much more expensive) places. Spend some time searching out the local tavernas in the backstreets and you will be well rewarded both in terms of prices and the quality of the food.

Here then is a very rough guide to the prices you should pay for a meal:

Starters: Basic Dips should cost you about two or three Euros each whilst a hot starter should be somewhere between three and five Euros. The cost of a salad will normally be around five Euros.

Mains: The price of a meat dish will vary greatly but the average price will be somewhere between five and ten Euros. Fish on the other hand will cost you anything from fifteen to twenty Euros.

Deserts: Deserts aren’t as popular in Kefalonia as in northern Europe so they will mainly be fruit if offered at all. Expect to pay around three to five Euros.